Sahaja Springer
wisdom keeper of the soul

Find your freedom, purpose and connect to your potential,

transparent back

Meet Sahaja

I'm an empathic healer who has been involved

in the healing profession for my whole life.

Even as a small child I was always intrigued by

human nature and what makes

us whole and happy.

My Expertise

I believe in the power of people to make a

difference in their own lives

and the world.

I help people to:

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Find Purpose

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Connect to Authenticity

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Ease Pain & Suffering

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Relieve Stress & Tension

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Implement self care

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Come Home 

Sahaja sees the beauty within ~


"She is a gifted healer of tremendous wisdom"

What Clients Say


Beware this is powerful stuff!! If you truly want to make changes to how you do life then work with Sahaja.

After each sessions with her I have been blown away by the ground we have covered and the changes that have had a huge impact on life, business and overall well being.

Bryn Edwards


"We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released"