Working with Me

Initial Appointment

Creating clarity and sustainable actions

Your initial appointment with Sahaja will be where we get to know each other and we delve into your story.
We will look at the most important reasons why you have chosen to come to the appointment, create a goal for the session , uncover the causative factors of imbalances and deal directly with sabotage and symptoms using priority balancing techniques. You will be involved with your own healing process and leave with a renewed sense of the possible and strategies to take you forward.

Follow Up Appointment

Building and deepening awareness and life skills

Your follow-up appointments will be where we continue on your personal journey to health and wellness and build on the work that we did together in the first session. Here's where we peel away the layers that get in the way of vibrancy and aliveness and give rise to creation of new habits, patterns and lifestyle.

Free Discovery Chat

An opportunity to ask questions and discover if working with Sahaja would serve you well and what would be the best fit. Either working in person, in groups, on Skype or an ongoing program individually purposed and designed for you.

28 Day Mentor Program

this program is by invitation ~ you are welcome to make enquiries

When you are ready to dive deep, willing to examine and implement new ways of being that make a massive impact on your life, your dreams, your family and your world then this program may be what you are looking for.

Skype Consult

When you are not in the area and would like to work with Sahaja you are welcome to arrange a Skype call to receive assistance. These sessions are available at mutual times depending on the time zones.