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These are some things I use and love

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some of these I am proud to be an affiliate                               ~ all of these I use myself 

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Booking Portal

this is the booking portal that I use and love. The creators are good guys, very responsive and it does everything I need

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EMR Protection

If you are concerned for the effects of electro-magnetic radiation on your health then these are the products I use

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Learning Platform

The Octopus Tribe is a global community which provides unique business solutions for entrepreneurs in all stages of growth plus the opportunity to earn valuable CPD points

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I look forward to chatting with you, helping you to truly shine & take your place in the world of passionate change-makers!


Practitioner Products

Practitioner products go through rigorous testing for efficacy and use high quality ingredients

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Candida Program

Bloating, low energy, indigestion, skin rashes can all be attributed to candida overgrowth