What is it that demonstrates transformation?

Is it the caterpillar turning to a Monarch butterfly or perhaps one of those big blue ones we see in the rainforest. Or is it something like the smelly food scraps that you load into your worm farm becoming heavenly moist compost ready to enrich the soil.

Is it the blender in your kitchen which transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy

Is it the the turning of the cheek when we experience insults hurled in our face to transform the hurt into self love.

Transformation has about it a process and certain phases even if we can’t see or the processes are too quick to recognise.

One of these phases of transformation needs to be acceptance and acknowledgement of what is, before the change can occur.

If it is, that we want a better world, then to accept the world as it is, is an important phase of the transformation. To be rallied into division and fight against what is, is completely counterproductive to where we know we want to go.

Accept what is and hold true to the pinnacle of our intention. Identify those ways that we are being succoured into acting against one another and choose wisely.

I find that when we keep our intention or the pinnacle firmly in our minds eye then transformation is a given. It takes focus, course correction and belief in yourself. This may sound hard work -but truly, ask yourself what is important, what are you committed to and does it really take more energy to stand for your values or to get trampled by anxious fear and division.

I’m not saying don’t be passionate about your cause, heaven knows I’ve broken down fences and railed against the establishment many a time.

What I am saying is what has been said again and again - Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Alberto Viloldo had this to say “When anger, fear, grief, depression, and anxiety are before us we can resist these emotions or learn to treat them as welcomed guests, transforming them into compassion, and into the kind of resiliency that is constantly creating a new and better world for all.

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