The universe rearranges itself

“To be clear about what we want, we have to be willing to be still and meet our desire innocently.”

sunset over the river
White Rainbow

In order to be clear about what we want and therefore for the universe to rearrange itself to suit that picture of reality we do need to accept that we don’t have all the answers and yet be willing to acknowledge our deepest desires with no judgement and no muddying of the waters by reaching and striving for the how to make those desires manifest.

This is where trust and practice of being still is required.

In order to have something we need to first be the person who we need to be to accommodate that something.

For a simple example of this ~ if we wanted to have a hot drink we would need to be a receptacle for that drink. Imagine if there was the ability for the warm flowing liquid to be provided and yet it had nowhere to go?

Our being~ness is akin to the openness that leads to the creation of the receptacle or the cup with which we can then hold the sustenance of the liquid. If we were to simply want the liquid to be there with no openness and no cup we may well see it pass us by.

Who then do you need to be to have your deepest desires made manifest?

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