The Real Us

It seems that each and everyone of us has a story of their own as to how this year and Covid has affected them and their families.

In the coming week, Harley (my husband) will come out of isolation and we'll be together for the first time in 5 months. I won't deny it's been tough particularly with family illness on both sides and a sense of overwhelm and lack of control.

I wish that I could say that the reason why I've been quite silent on FB and in email is because I've been busy with family (which is also true) but really, I've not been willing to show my vulnerability, my tears and my upheaval.

At the same time I am definitely not one for only revealing the plastic fantastic, the things that create FOMO and the unreal expectations of

false happiness.

So today I am showing up in your inbox to bring you the sense of self which I do know, we all have within us.

It's what's left, when we scrape away all the toppings.

We are left with the real and the real is where the goodness is,

the real is where the trust is and

the real is where we can connect

and truly have a shared sense of human-ness.

Importantly to keep me sane, and connected with friends, as best I could, here's just a few of what's been helpful ~ which I'm hoping may also be helpful for you.

  • Enough quality sleep

  • Clean fresh water

  • Healthy eating - more whole organic foods

  • Good communication - kind words

  • Daily movement of some kind - yoga, walking, running, swimming - I've been doing 30 day challenges of yoga.

  • Listening to story books - My favourite has been The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

  • Not listening to the news!

  • Letting go of things not in my control

  • Gratitude for connection and love

  • Planting vegetables

And lastly ~ trusting that I am a harbinger of a new story.

A new story in which we work together for the greater good.

One where we base our sense of self on an inherent understanding that we are loved and we are worthy of being loved for being ourselves.

What's in your new story? I'd love to know.

To help you get in touch with your own sense of self or anything you would like some clarity on I am offering bite-sized 15 min readings which you can read more about here

To your wellbeing and realness,


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