Sahaja's Wellness Hacks


If only…. How many times do you find yourself saying or thinking if only…..

Very often the sentence is completed by BUT….. such a small word with an unfortunate amount of power.

I’ll give you a few examples:

If only I could make a phone call to ask about getting a new job but I may be rejected, I’m not smart enough, I don’t have the right qualification. Etc etc

OR If only I could have that conversation with my sweetheart but I’m afraid that he/she will be angry, won’t like me asking, will think less of me

OR if only I could start a communal food bank but I don’t have the money, I don’t have enough organisational skills etc etc

You can start to recognise the negative power of that word.

NOW replace it with AND and watch how that shifts your perspective, your possible outcome and most of all the feeling that goes with actioning your dreams.

Recently I’ve found myself thinking if only we would be taught about how to truly care for our health rather than being fearful of sickness.

I’ve been angry with the powers that be with so much emphasis on ”staying safe” rather than “being well” and one of my if only’s has been if only people were given more choices.

With so much diversion from our own preferences and freedom, those choices become less visible.

So this post is an attempt to demonstrate some of the simple, mostly free, choices that are available to you to take your own wellness back into your hands.

I’m calling them Sahaja’s Wellness Hacks.

(Just a fancy way of saying tips and tricks to be well)

Here they are in no particular order:

  • End your shower with a cold blast for a minimum of 20 seconds - research ‘contrast showers’ if you want some further info

  • Make juicing organic veggies with some citrus a part of your weekly diet

  • Yes - wash your hands

  • Make some firewater particularly for the winter months - here’s the link to the recipe I used

  • Find some way of increasing your heart rate each day and get yourself to go the extra mile little by little. You will be surprised how quickly your body responds. Some examples are: run to the bus, take the stairs, drag out your skipping rope, act like a 5 year old, swim laps, do squats, take the pushup challenge. If you are thinking that even reading this is tiring then it’s time to start. A program I recommend is and I’d love to hear about others that you may have tried yourself.

  • Take time to yourself, be in nature, take a bath, meditate whatever suits you best

  • Breathe - sounds silly but it’s so important and one of the quickest ways to de-stress and bring our cortisol levels down. A simple app I have found that you may like is called “The Breathing App” and it is really useful for those times you need some help to relax

  • Eat fresh food that’s mostly in season

  • Laugh at yourself and with others

  • Learn new skills - engage your brain

  • Make it a priority to have good quality sleep

  • Drink good quality water and lots of it even in the winter

  • Protect yourself from EMF's - this links to the products I use and recommend

And finally choose love over fear every time.

You will notice that I’ve left out the Don’ts - we have enough of those and I’m going to leave those up to your own common sense and your ability to say no to what no longer serves you.

That’s a big topic which includes the ways in which we sabotage ourselves which will need another day for another post.

If you want some help to come back to being aligned with your own preferences and get back on track then I’ll be happy to assist.

Have a fabulous day of knowing that better health is in your hands.

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