Reasons To Be Cheerful

You may ask yourself ~ Well how did I get here? this is not my beautiful life?

These are lines from the famous David Byrne (of Talking Heads) song "Once In A Lifetime” the lyrics of which, even though written in the early 80’s, are so pertinent for our time as we transition from being coerced and seduced by divisive media and internal wrangling of what is right or wrong to a place of conscious choice and beginning to know what it is to use our hearts as our guide.

I’ve been a massive fan of Byrne and his music and these days there’s a new reason for this adulation. If you haven’t come across the newsletter and webpage he founded called Reasons to Be Cheerful (link below) it’s worthwhile spending some time being inspired by the creativity and the compassion which is at the core of many of the stories told

Through stories of hope, rooted in evidence, Reasons to be Cheerful aims to inspire us all to be curious about how the world can be better, and to ask ourselves how we can be part of that change. Their tag line is News for when you’ve had too much news.

“Energy flows where attention goes”

For too long now the media moguls and the fear mongers have been directing our attention. It’s really past time to look away from their reality and put your attention on what does your beautiful life look like?

Can you smell it? Can you taste it? Can you imagine it? What does it look like? What sounds do you associate with it? Use all your senses when envisaging a new future and then take the first step.

Because as you can imagine none of these stories would come into existence without the first step!

Now I know that information without any action can just add to the noise so it’s my wish in sharing this resource that you find within it something that speaks to you and sparks your interest as to what reasons you have to be cheerful and in what ways could you contribute to projects that usher in the more beautiful world we know is within our reach.

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