Health & Dis~Ease

This week a new client emailed to ask if I could address these issues:

headaches, enlarged prostate, high blood pressure, failing eye sight and irritable bowel accompanied by some anxiety.

I have copied my reply below in the hope that it may shine a light on just how I work and what I consider health and healing to be........

"Dear xxxxxx,

Any dis- ease can be addressed as an imbalance of the bodily function that inherently seeks to survive.

Put simply, that means that given the right environment (internal and external, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) the body likes to thrive.

As such I don’t work with specific symptoms, rather I work with the whole person.

Each of the conditions you have mentioned are not separate as we are not compartmentalised.

It is always very seductive to be able to fix one thing and I really do understand how much of a nuisance that symptoms can be.

I like to think that my work helps people to connect to their innate healing ability and that as a result, the environment for healing occurs.

Sometimes that is in the form of supplementation, sometime in regular practice and sometimes from more esoteric energy work or intuitive counsel. It really depends.

I hope this has given you some clarity - please let me know if you would still like to connect for a consultation either in person or online?"

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