Gaslighting Ourselves

Gaslighting: attempting to make you believe something about yourself that is not true.... sounds familiar right


Usually gaslighting is a term reserved for "the other person".

However, just for a moment, consider, that in actual fact, that's what we have been doing to ourselves by agreeing with our own thoughts to suggest that we are not good enough, that we don't know enough, that we are supposed to be something other than we are, that we have not tried hard enough

Of course the list goes on.

SO here's my suggestion -

1. Identify ways that you gaslight yourself and

2. Declare that these behaviours are no longer acceptable. Full Stop! NO not even in circumstances when you are tired or stressed. Simply NO.

3. Choose a new way of being.

Gaslighting ourselves is an example of a blind spot that unconsciously governs our lives.

There has never been a better time to bring conscious awareness to our patterns of behaviour, when those patterns have been designed to keep us from our grace, our purpose and our deep connection to ourselves.

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