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James Speth is an environmental lawyer and US advisor for the environment and is famous for, (among other things), this quote...

"I used to think the top global environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse and climate change. I thought that with 30 years of good science we could address these problems.

But I was wrong.

The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed and apathy, and to deal with these we need a spiritual and cultural transformation, and we scientists don't know how to do that."

In recent times we heard much of "getting back to normal" and wanting to have things the way they were before our lives were turned upside down with lockdowns and job loss and heightened anxiety about health and wellbeing. Many of us realised with great trepidation that we needed a purge, an upheaval and a new perspective, without really knowing what that would look like.

I still don't know but this quote speaks to me in a way that makes sense and contributes to the conversation and practice to create heaven on earth.

To me it means being caring.

Caring for ourselves, our families and communities and our Mother Earth and in order to be able to do this with ease we need to come from a place of loving acceptance.

There is much to be learnt from how we experience ourselves in times of trouble and if we lead with our hearts and listen to what we collectively wish for - safety, love, shelter and sustenance - we can find ways to facilitate transformation that truly effects our environmental woes.

I'm in the assistance team of this transformation by being a conduit for the divine and helping others to know their worth, so they too, know what's theirs to do in our 'new way of being'

I welcome thoughts of what would your heaven on earth look and feel like.

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